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Windows and Door Frames for Historical Properties

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  • Paul Marren
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  • 30-10-2014
Windows and Door Frames for Historical Properties

Windows and Door Frames in Listed Buildings

The original design and style of historic and period buildings will often need to be preserved to match as closely as possible the original materials used historically. Listed buildings will require listed building consent to undertake any changes to the original building.

Doors and Window frames of period and listed buildings provide a significant impact in the overall facade of a building exterior and historical interest of the property.


Window and Door Restoration in Listed Buildings

If you own or manage a listed building you will need to be aware of the type of work that you are permitted to undertake on the property and the types of work which require listed building consent. When repairing, restoring or replacing windows and doors in a listed building, you will need to follow these guidelines:

  • Wherever it is possible, the original historic window should be repaired or retained
  • If a window is decayed beyond repair, then accurate reproduction replacements should be installed
  • Replacing any windows or doors that differ from the original in fittings, materials or design will need listed building consent
  • It is never acceptable to install UPVC or aluminium window frames in listed buildings
  • Always try to use alternative methods of draught control or insulation rather than installing double glazing
  • There may be occasions where double glazing is permitted such as within modern extensions or if the replacement windows offer a significant improvement on the building appearance
  • Replacement of historical doors in a period building can produce a loss in the character of a building
  • Historical doors, door cases, architraves, door furniture, canopies, porches and fanlights should be retained wherever possible

Listed Building Restorations

David Rudge Associates provide historically accurate repairs, replacement and restoration of doors and window frames for listed and historic buildings throughout Staffordshire and the UK. Please contact us on 01889 504219 or complete our contact form for more information and advice.