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Who Can Provide Period Building Restorations

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  • 28-11-2022
Who Can Provide Period Building Restorations

Period Building Restorations in Staffordshire

Restoring Listed Buildings in Burton Upon Trent, Cannock and Lichfield

David Rudge Associates are able to take over the management of the restoration and maintenance of listed buildings throughout Staffordshire and the UK. We provide expert knowledge in listed building restorations and oversee any work carried out on behalf of the owner or relevant building authorities.

view of medievan tudor building

Medieval Architecture Restoration

Medieval architecture includes the castles, churches, civic and military buildings which have survived since the middle ages. The styles of medieval architecture include Pre-romanesque, Romanesque and Gothic periods.

Georgian Architecture Restoration

Georgian architecture describes the styles of buildings in English speaking countries that were built between 1720 and 1820. The period covers the reign of the four monarchs named George of the House of Hanover.

Victorian Architecture Restoration

The period referred to as Victorian covers the reign of Queen Victoria and spans the years 1837-1901. The style of architecture known as Victorian was mainly established nearer the end of her reign and incorporates many historic revivals and influences from Asia and the Middle East.

Edwardian Architecture Restoration

Edwardian architecture is the popular style of buildings from the period of King Edward VII. The period dates back to 1901 to 1914. The style is less ornate than the popular designs of Victorian architecture using lighter colours, less decorative patterns and more controlled ornaments.

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