Listed Building Repairs in Staffordshire

Thursday 20th of September 2018

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Timber Frame Replacement & Restoration

David Rudge Associates specialises in timber frame replacement and restoration. We work with historical, period and listed buildings throughout the UK.

Replacing or repairing timber frames in listed buildings may be necessary for maintenance. We can help if the original features have become damaged, infected by woodworm or rotten.

Timber Frame Restoration in Listed Buildings

Several details apply when considering timber frame restorations in listed and historical buildings. The following observations need to be replicated to retain the original features of the building:

  • The type of timber used
  • The dimensions and condition of the timber
  • Treatment and Surface Finish of the Frame
  • Position of frame construction
  • Original assembly marks
  • Decorative features and mouldings details
  • Location of any distortions and damage

Consider the wood used within elements such as deep mouldings, door heads, panels, large boards and wide braces. It needs to be a dry and stable material which will not distort due to shrinkage.

Be aware if any repair work using materials that will be permanently bonded to an original material. This needs to be matched in surface type, colour, grain pattern and moisture content.

Timber Frame Work in Listed Buildings

David Rudge Associates work with each individual building and the original construction. This is to ensure that we have gained a complete understanding of the original design and materials used. Listed building restoration work needs to be undertaken by experienced and knowledgeable experts. Otherwise, it will not get approved by the local authority.

Our dedicated team conducts in-depth research into the original features. We assess the building materials used in historical buildings. This is so that any refurbishments and maintenance retain the character and work with the structure of the property.

Call us for more information on timber frame replacement and restoration of listed buildings. For advice on historical buildings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.