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Structural Reports for Listed Buildings

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Structural Reports for Listed Buildings

Structural Reports for Listed Buildings

Historical and listed buildings are often a problem for owners when a building survey is required. It can be difficult to find experienced surveyors who are capable of producing an accurate and knowledgeable survey of old buildings.

David Rudge Associates are a building restoration and assessment company which are passionate about historical and listed buildings throughout Staffordshire and the UK. Our experienced team have developed many years knowledge and expertise in repairing, restoring, maintaining and servicing historical and listed buildings.

We specialise in building assessments and structural reports for the following types of old buildings:

  • Old Buildings
  • Period Design Buildings
  • Listed Buildings
  • Buildings or Structures of Historical Importance

Historical Building Structural Reports

David Rudge Associates understand a great deal about period buildings, historical buildings and listed buildings throughout Staffordshire and the surrounding areas. Our restoration experts conduct detailed research into each building project that we undertake so that we can understand the materials used and combine modern technologies with the original building structure to provide improvements whilst keeping all the original features of the structure.

Structural surveyors who are not confident in the detailed knowledge required to understand period and listed buildings often are unable to understand the costs involved in repair work and maintenance of older buildings and cannot produce an accurate survey.

Listed Building Surveys in Staffordshire

David Rudge Associates work with a wide range of home owners, building managers and trust organisations to provide detailed and reliable help and information about the structural requirements for keeping older buildings structurally secure.

Each listed and historical building is unique and requires specialist research and planning to understand how it can be properly maintained. For more information about structural reports for listed buildings in Staffordshire and the surrounding areas, please call us today on 01889 504219 or complete our contact form with your details.