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David Rudge Associates offer a comprehensive oak frame conservation, restoration, and replacement service. 

Established in 1985, we have been offering an enthusiastic and knowledgeable service when working on restorations throughout Staffordshire and the surrounding UK areas for over 35 years

We conduct maintenance and repairs on oak framing, oak management, and damaged timber frames in:

  • Churches
  • Heritage Sites
  • Historical Structures
  • Listed Properties
  • Museums
  • National Trust Facilities
  • Edwardian-Period Buildings
  • Victorian-Period Buildings
  • Georgian-Period Buildings
Oak Frames Restoration Staffordshire, Shropshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire

If you require assistance with or information about oak frames, we are here to help.

Conservation and Restoration of oak framed buildings

Are you looking to conserve and restore the oak frames on your property? Here at David Rudge Associates, we work closely with property owners, developers, and managers. 

This is to ensure that your building is sympathetically maintained to a high standard and remains loyal to the original design. We want to help you take pride in your property.

Oak as a material is very durable. Some oak-framed buildings date back hundreds of years; however, it is a declining material used in buildings nowadays. 

Clients may want their oak-framed buildings restored because ancient techniques and methods used to secure them have ultimately caused the timber to wear away.

For example, the use of tar was used to preserve oak and seal it, but because tar traps moisture against the wood, it encourages it to rot. 

The same goes for modern paints, modern sealants like silicone, and cement that similarly trap moisture within the wood. We would combat this problem by removing them and allowing the timber to breathe and dry out.

Oak framed buildings require a discerning eye to ensure that the listed building requirements are met and satisfied.

We believe that oak-framed buildings are charming, desirable properties that are full of character. Maintaining this character can require restoration services that treat or replace any worn or tired timber.

High repair costs may put off many people looking to protect and conserve their oak-framed buildings.

However, we know how important your property is to you, and we offer our tailored services at reasonable and competitive rates.

Our experienced team of listed building experts consist of architects, contractors, and engineers.

We offer a complete service with an unrivalled wealth of knowledge. Each building is treated as an individual project, and we tailor our services to best suit you.

Oak framed buildings repair

Our award-winning team begins by carrying out extensive research on the building. This allows us to identify the specific materials used in the building's original construction to provide a full restoration. It also means that we can assess the condition of the building by how worn or aged the material looks.

We then gain an understanding of what the most effective methods of restoration would be and provide solutions to structural maintenance and development of the property. Conservation can then be worked on without damaging the original design and structure of the property.

After the initial inspection, we will create a detailed drawing of the different elevations of the oak framework. This drawing will show our clients and conservation officers what timber needs replacing or requires repair. When maintaining a safe living space and healthy house, it is important to remove and replace any defective or rotting oak.

We believe in conserving your traditional listed building by using traditional methods.

Our team can conserve the oak in your listed building by assisting with any frame repairs, restoration, maintenance, supply of new timber frames and beams, or replacing old frames.

When it comes to supplying and fitting timer frames, we ensure that your building maintains full structural integrity.

Old timber structures say a lot of history about social or religious evolutions in England.

The carpentry and masonry techniques used in old buildings have taught us much about the practical development between then and now.

We want to do what we do to preserve the importance that the building represents so that it may educate future generations of people to come.

listed building restoration

Carefully analysing marks on the timber has taught us about the hand tool technology used at the time and what additions have been made to the original frame. Similarly, studying the designs of aged buildings is what has aided in teaching us how to improve our methods of work today.

It is paramount that our team has attention to detail because we learn about the measurements, design, and functions of the building more efficiently.

We then properly restore and replace timber frames that match the measurements of the building and the intentions of the owner.

To advise our clients, always commission the use of breathable material and the removal of modern paints, sealants, tar, and oils on bare oak. Lime putty, oakum, and other permeable materials work better than any of the pre-mentioned materials for filling in any gaps in woodwork and letting said woodwork breathe.

For more information on oak frame restoration and replacement, call us today. For listed buildings and historical buildings, please don't hesitate to get in touch 01889 504219.

We work throughout Staffordshire, Shropshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire and beyond.