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Practical Building Conservation

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  • 26-04-2016
Practical Building Conservation

Practical Building Conservation

If you are restoring an old building, the Practical Building Conservation series is ideal. It's a great reference for everyone looking to do maintenance work on older buildings.

Being involved in the repair of an old or listed building can be exciting but also challenging. That's why you should consult the Practical Building Conservation series. It's a great reference for everyone involved in older or listed buildings.

The series includes a lot of research on Historic England. This is aimed at people working with historic buildings, like architects, engineers and contractors. There are ten volumes in this series and it covers a variety of topics. You can read about the building environment and the basics of conservation. You'll also learn about materials like stone and roofing.

This series covers the restoration and preservation of listed and old buildings. That's why it's the perfect resource for builders and contractors. You can read about the different materials that can be used, as well as their significance.

If you are looking to restore an old building, work with a team of experts. They know how to do a proper analysis of the building and how to determine what materials and techniques to use. It will make the process much easier to handle and to complete.

The maintenance of listed buildings and historical architecture must be completed by a specialist. There are many problems which can occur if modern building methods are used in period buildings.

David Rudge Associates specialises in maintaining and repairing old buildings in the UK. Our specialist knowledge of historical buildings makes us the first choice for restoration and repair work of listed buildings. Contact us today for more information on our services.