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Plastering Restoration in Period Properties

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  • Paul Marren
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  • 30-10-2014
Plastering Restoration in Period Properties

Plastering Restoration for Listed Buildings

David Rudge Associates undertake a large range of plastering restoration projects for historical, period and listed buildings throughout Staffordshire and the UK. We are committed to restoring period buildings to their original style and design using traditional materials suited to the period.

We carry our extensive research to ensure that the building materials that we use are suitable for the building and offer a restoration that works with the original property structure. We work alongside period property owners and listed building authorities to restore historical properties to their original beauty.


Our specialist team work on a range of historic and period property plaster work renovations which include using the following traditional methods:

  • Historic Masonry and Plaster
  • Solid Run Work
  • Hydraulic Lime
  • Pure Lime Plasters and Renders
  • Repair and Conservation
  • Pattern and Mould Making
  • Fibrous Work
  • Free Hand Modelling
  • Cob, Wattle and Daub
  • Conservation and Surface Consolidation
  • Scagliola, Pargetting and Specialist Finishes

Internal Plastering Textured and Shaped in Listed Buildings

David Rudge Associates work with traditional earth and lime plasters to produce authentic Lime Plasters & Renders for listed buildings, period properties and historic features. Our plastering restoration services include:

  • Decorative Plasterwork
  • Distempers, Lime-wash, Lime paint and Matched Colours
  • Complete Replacement and Patching
  • Chestnut, Oak and Riven Laths
  • Glass aggregates, clay plasters, etc
  • Interior restoration and Decoration
  • Mortar Render, Repair and analysis
  • Textures, Rough-cast and Self-Coloured Renders

Listed Building Plastering Restoration

David Rudge Associates provide the conservation of historic mortars and plasters for listed buildings and historic properties throughout Staffordshire and the surrounding areas. Call us today on 01889 504219 or complete our contact form for more information about our traditional plastering and rendering solutions or restoration services.