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Lime Pointing in a Listed Building

David Rudge Associates specialises in lime pointing for listed and historic buildings. The original lime mortars used in traditional buildings have a large range of variations throughout the periods. So each building requires specialist research to understand the process and the most suitable form of repair.

Lime mortar is a vital component in the original construction methods of a large number of historic buildings. Any repair work to replace damaged or missing mortar needs to be conducted using specific materials. These need to work in relation to the other materials and elements of the building.

The replacement mortar used in any period building restoration must not be harder or stronger than the original material used. Otherwise, it can affect the natural movement of the building. This can affect the required flexibility due to thermal conditions.

preparing mortar for pointing

Lime Mortar Restoration for Listed Buildings

David Rudge Associates work with a range of buildings throughout Staffordshire and the UK. We specialise in historical, period and listed building maintenance. We provide specialist advice and workmanship for the Lime Pointing for older properties.

laying new mortar for extension wall

Traditional lime mortars are sometimes described as 'self-healing'. This is because they offer flexibility within the structure of a building that hard-setting cement does not. On most occasions, hairline cracks in lime mortar can heal itself by chemical re-sealing.

Problems can be caused by replacing traditional mortar in period buildings with cement mortar. These areas can fracture and fail, allowing moisture to enter the walls, accelerating decay.

We offer lime pointing for listed buildings and historical buildings. For more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch 01889 504219.