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Lead Work in Listed Buildings

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  • Paul Marren
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  • 30-10-2014
Lead Work in Listed Buildings

Lead Work Replacement and Repair in Listed Buildings

Lead is a common material used in roofing and ornate features of historical and period properties. Lead sheeting is one of the most durable and oldest materials used in roofing and if it is installed correctly, it can remain in place without need for repair longer than any other roofing material.

If you require replacement of lead roofing or ornate features within a period or listed building, it is important that you undertake any work according to the original design and features of the building. Repairing or restoring the roofing of a listed building will require listed building consent and you will need to seek professional advice from a historical building specialist to achieve the required results.

Lead Replacement in Listed Buildings

David Rudge Associates work throughout Staffordshire and the surrounding areas to provide surveys, advice and refurbishment services for a wide range of historical buildings from all periods. We are a specialist company which is enthusiastic about our work and oversee a range of projects for Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian and other period buildings.

Our experienced team works with the following lead replacement requirements to restore period and listed buildings to their original condition:

  • Lead Canopies
  • Dormers
  • Roofing Lead work
  • Ornate Downpipes
  • Lead Roofs
  • Lead Gutters
  • Artistic Roof Leadwork
  • Ornate Leadwork
  • Roofing Renovations
  • Damaged Roofs
  • Church / Castle Spires

Lead Work Repair in Listed Buildings

Whatever period building or listed building that you wish to restore, David Rudge Associates can provide specialist repair, restoration and maintenance of any lead work required. We work throughout Staffordshire and the UK to help maintain and restore original building features.

Call 01889 504219 or complete our contact form to discuss the range of services that we can provide for listed and historical buildings.