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Historic Building Repairs

Georgian Restorations in Cheshire Shropshire and Derbyshire

Using incorrect restoration materials can cause potential damage to the original structure producing cracking and other unwanted results. 

All types of building materials move at different speeds during the natural expansion and contraction caused by the elements and other factors. If a refurbishment material is not compatible with original building materials, complications can occur.

David Rudge Associates can help with:

  • Plastering Repairs 
  • Listed Roof Repairs
  • Oak Frame Restoration 
  • Timber Frame Restoration 
  • Lime Pointing

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Our specialist listed building restoration experts produce historical research into the original materials used to construct historical buildings. This ensures that all building and restoration work that we undertake uses materials that are the same as the building or that complement it.

Listed Building Restorations in Staffordshire

If you own or maintain a listed building in Staffordshire or the surrounding areas, it is essential that you get the correct permissions from the relevant authorities before you carry out any restoration or repair work.

You need to get adequate permission before completing any of the following work on listed buildings:

  • Removing external surfaces
  • Installing roof-lights or dormer windows
  • Brickwork Painting
  • Window and doors replacement
  • New doorways installation
  • Roofing materials replacement
  • Removing or moving internal walls
  • Panelling, fireplace or staircase alteration and removal
  • Attaching aerials, satellite dishes and burglar alarms

Our experienced team of restoration experts work to preserve the original building by ensuring that any updates or alteration work is completed using complementary materials that work with the existing building to produce long lasting results.

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What can you do to a grade II listed building?

Our expert building restoration team undertakes restoration, repair or alterations on a listed or historic building in Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Cheshire and the West Midlands. 

Please call us on 01889 504219 to find out how our services can benefit you.