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General Electrical Work for Period Buildings

David Rudge Associates undertake a large range of general electric restorations for historical buildings. We are experts in period and listed buildings throughout Staffordshire and the UK.

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Listed buildings must be maintained and refurbished to a high standard. These must be completed according to the locally listed building authority regulations. 

Any work carried out on a listed building should be completed using the same materials as originally used. They should also be finished according to the original design so that original features are preserved.

Adding modern features like electrical wiring and central heating need to be installed in a particular way. They need to be considerate of the original features of the building. This is so they will not cause damage to the historical building materials.

Electrical Re-Wiring in a Listed Building

David Rudge Associates work with a large number of historical properties and listed buildings. We offer expertise for period homes, throughout Staffordshire and the surrounding areas. We are here to provide help and advice for any work required. We can assist with any refurbishments, restorations, repairs and installations need to be completed.


Any electrical work carried out within a listed building should be channelled in a considered way. They should not damage plaster ceilings, daub walls or wattle within the buildings.

All electrical installations should be hidden behind discreet surface mounting. Any disturbance in lime plaster-work needs to be replaced with a matching material.

Central Heating

New flues for replacement boilers or radiators will require listed building consent. It may be permitted to install underfloor heating within a listed building providing it is beneath the modern flooring. You will require permission to install heating below the historic flooring.

Ask us for more information on general electric work for listed buildings. For any work on historical buildings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.