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Building Materials for Historic Buildings

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  • 21-04-2016
Building Materials for Historic Buildings

Information On Building Materials for Historic Buildings

When it comes to repairing an old building, you should know what the right materials are to use. Here is more information on the materials specifically aimed at older buildings.

Older buildings often need repair or maintenance work. But they are different from modern buildings and may require specific materials. That's why it's important to know what type of materials may be necessary to perform the work.

When you choose building materials to repair an old building, it may be challenging. You need to find the original building material to maintain its original appearance. You need to make sure that the building keeps its texture without the possibility of damage.

Getting the right materials may require matching the stone used in the original building. You may also need to source roofing materials like stone slates or thatch. Then you have to think about the paint to use, and the specific wood that you'll need. This is often why professional help is needed to repair or maintain an old or listed building.

There are many suppliers in the UK that can supply building materials for old buildings. This includes handmade bricks, lime for mortars, and more. Getting the materials you need for the building is no longer very difficult to do. But you still need to have the work done professionally and correctly.

David Rudge Associates specialises in maintaining and repairing old buildings in the UK. The maintenance of listed buildings and historical architecture must be attended to by a specialist. Contact us today for more information on our services.