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Alterations in Period Buildings

David Rudge Associates provides specialist alterations on listed and historical buildings. Alterations and maintenance to listed buildings require specialist skills and knowledge. This includes information about the historic materials used in the original construction.

Period buildings will naturally move. This is due to thermal expansion and contraction of the materials originally used. Adding inappropriate modern materials can cause problems with the original structure.

Completing repair work without any knowledge about the historic building process is not advisable. This can potentially cause further damage to the building.

discussing plans in altering building layout

Listed buildings, period buildings and properties of historical interest need expert care. They should be maintained and restored using original features and materials. This is to preserve the character of the building.

Listed buildings are structures and properties which have been protected. This is to preserve their historical importance and special design features. Owners of listed buildings are not able to make significant alterations. They require listed building authority consent.

Listed Building Alterations

David Rudge Associates provide a specialist restoration service for listed buildings and historical properties. Our knowledgeable team carry out extensive research into each individual project. This is to ensure that we understand the correct materials to use. We will also use appropriate restoration methods that will preserve the original features of the building. Our listed building restoration and repair services include:

old country cottage

  • Damp Management 
  • Lead Work Replacement and Repair 
  • Structural Reports 
  • Windows and Door Frames 
  • Oak Frame Restoration and Replacement 
  • Alterations 
  • Lime Pointing 
  • General Plumbing Work 
  • Cement Removal 
  • General Electrical Work 
  • Internal Plastering Textured and Shaped 
  • Roofing 
  • Plastering and Rendering 
  • Timber Frame Replacement and Restoration

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